Case Study


Driving results for automotive dealers

Business challenge

Dealerweb approached Rokk looking for a partner to create a unique website to promote their automotive sales and lead management systems. Dealerweb wished to increase interest in their products by improving their website visitor experience. The website brief was to include striking visuals and a modern design to demonstrate their position at the forefront of the automotive enquiry management industry.

Our solution

With the speed of the website being of utmost importance, Rokk opted to use Grav, a flat-file based content management system (CMS). A balance had to be met between speed and compelling visual assets, so Particle.js was used to implement an interactive particle based background which captures the users interest without increasing loading times significantly.

The results

The finished website is a vital part of Dealerweb’s sales and marketing strategy, and the Book a Demo feature has increased the number of prospective clients contacting the team. Rokk are pleased to have an ongoing relationship with Dealerweb and see the business and its team grow; so much so the Meet the Team page needed a redesign in 2017!

Dealerweb homepage screenshot
Dealerweb products


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Particles.js
  • Grav CMS

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