Case Study

HM Government dept

Marine assessment tool for waters surrounding the UK

Our Government client required an assessment tool to measure biological, chemical and physical parameters in the waters surrounding the UK.

Business challenge

The tool was required to allow registered users to access various large data sources and execute complex statistical queries to produce tabular, graphical and map-based outputs. The outputs needed to be produced in a standard format for submission as national and international assessments.

The sensitive nature of some of the underlying data necessitated a permissions-based approach allowing restricted access to some assessments within the application while making others freely available.

Our solution

Rokk developed a web-based application that allows users to select a number of pre-defined assessments based on their access profile, input the necessary parameters and submit the query. Due to the potentially long-running nature of the calculations, the web application was designed to submit the queries to run in the background, allowing the user to continue with other tasks and informing them by email once complete. Upon completion, users were able to view via the application the outputs of the query, download them to their device or save them online for subsequent submission to the relevant assessment bodies.

The modular nature of the web application design ensures that new assessments can easily be incorporated when required.

The result

The application is available to a national team of assessors and interested members of the scientific community to provide a standard framework for carrying out marine assessments.


  • .NET
  • SQL Server database
  • HTML5
  • Javascript / CSS
  • Email integration
  • MapBox and Highcharts integration
  • 3rd party statistical libraries

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