Case Study

JP Concrete

A sales calculation portal for concrete products

JP Concrete relied on their CRM and a spreadsheet to track sales and orders and when their CRM changed their functionality the spreadsheet no longer worked. JP Concrete knew that it was not commercially viable to fix this limited way of managing their orders and sought a bespoke software solution.

The challenge

JP Concrete asked us to help them design a web-based application that was flexible and scalable to grow with their increasing functional requirements. The first phase needed to provide quote generation of price per square metre and per item type and also generate collection dockets. The application also needed to calculate the weight of each product on the order and how many lorry loads it would require to transport the products included in each quote.

Our solution

After gathering the full requirements for the quote and order calculator we worked with JP Concrete to design a solution that provided a better sales process for their customers. Orders would be stored in the CRM database and allow amendments to be made and allow the order changes to be updated as well as the order collection docket.

The results

Phase one went live late 2018 and has allowed JP Concrete to reduce the complexity of providing quotes and tracking sales or their prestressed and precast concrete products to their customers. Phase two is in discussion for development in 2019.


  • WebCRM API integration
  • SQL Server database
  • Back-end web-based portal
  • Cloud-based Azure hosted platform
  • HTML5
  • .NET
  • Javascript/CSS

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