Case Study

Make It Yours

Digital tool to help people build, share and achieve their goals

Make it Yours wanted to update their desktop software and create a tool that would appeal to a broader target audience including businesses, sports professionals and schools.

Business challenge

The Make it Yours system had become outdated and difficult to navigate. With rapid changes in the digital landscape the client was looking to create a tool that was useful and would support people in achieving their goals.

Our solution

The aim of the project was to create an engaging visual success mapping tool that would provide a seamless user interface and help motivate users to create and share their goals. The visual success mapping tool was created as a web application and combines a sleek and sophisticated interface with a simple user experience.

Rokk designed and developed the web application and redesigned the marketing website to ensure brand uniformity and to appeal to both individuals and organisations looking for goal and leadership support.

To ensure both the web application and website shared functionality and user experience, the development teams worked intricately together with daily updates and project assessments.

The latest web application includes a split between individual and business accounts, with differing subscription models and front-end design.

Make It Yours Screen


  • HTML5 development
  • Social integration
  • Multimedia integration
  • Centralised database

Rokk Media, under the skilled, sensitive and forward thinking leadership of Adam Stone and his excellent board of directors is a business on the move. Innovative, creative, hard working and utterly professional best describes the superb team of marketing and account / relationship managers, designers and developers that Rokk Media has assembled. They work harder than any business I have come across in this field to firstly understand and then meet the needs and aspirations of my company and exceed them with flair, energy and a sense of fun. They ‘go the extra mile’ to come in on budget and on time against almost impossible odds. Their work is second to none. This is a business which I unreservedly recommend. I value them so highly I have asked to explore a partnering relationship with them for further delivery.

Farren Drury MBE

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