Case Study


An SMS booking system for the Short Codes Management Group

The challenge

The Short Codes Management Group (which includes O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and Three) required an SMS booking system for short codes.

Short Codes is an internet-based information system to allow ‘SMS aggregators’ to check the availability of short codes (SMS) in real time and request reservation of short codes across all networks instantly.

The number ranges available consist of five-digit numbers and have been approved for mobile network operator use by Ofcom. The Short Codes information system guarantees its exclusive use subject to commercial agreements across all UK mobile network operators and some virtual network operators.

Our solution

Spanning several months, the software solution was an extensive development replacing a complex manual solution that was fraught with issues and included careful management of stakeholders.

The results

The software solution successfully reduced the complexity of processing short code requests and allocations to businesses and charities.

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