Case Study

The Cauldron Inn

Magical augmented reality app

The Cauldron Inn is a magic and mystery themed pub-restaurant in Exeter, Devon. The client wanted to create a buzz around the launch and approached Rokk for creative ideas and the augmented reality app idea was born.

The challenge

The objective was to add an element of magic inspired fun to the dining experience and Rokk felt that an augmented reality-based app would be a great solution. The app would hopefully maximise repeat visits and generate positive word-of-mouth through social sharing and press coverage.

Our solution

We wanted to create an augmented reality mobile app that would enhance the customer experience of The Cauldron Inn and immerse the user into a world unseen unless the customer visited the venue. The timings were extremely tight, with only 4 weeks to design, build, test and submit the iOS AR app to Apple, with the Google Android AR app version to follow a couple of weeks later.

The app we created was a gamified experience which used riddles, combined with the AR elements, to reward users with prizes. Animated 3D images of dragons, rats, spiders, potion bottles and much more were used as the augmented reality models that would appear when the smartphone camera was held over pictures hung on walls throughout the Inn.

We ensured the app mirrored the brand and in order to solve all the riddles the user was encouraged to repeat their visit to complete the puzzles.

In November 2017 we updated both versions of the app with more AR experiences that included icons placed on the dining tables and in a fireplace that would provide further entertainment for diners being able to view creatures on the table tops including a dragon and a snake. The fireplace provides a horned skull amongst moving flames and embers floating through the air when viewed through a smartphone camera.

Cauldron Inn Badges
Gamification - User collects badges to receive a prize

The results

The AR app massively contributed to a successful launch of The Cauldron Inn, which surpassed the expectations of The Cauldron Inn owners and Rokk Media team.

There has been a constant flow of visitors who have been wandering around the venue, smartphone in-hand, trying to discover where the next AR experience is hidden and earn their next badge!

Cauldron Inn Dragon Ar Table
Augmented Reality Dragon viewed through Cauldron Inn app on the premises


  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Built using various professional tools and licences including Unity

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