Benefits of bespoke SaaS software

28 February 2019

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Cloud computing provides businesses with increased connectivity, mobility and savings in technology investments. In this article we look at some of the benefits and key considerations for bespoke cloud-based software development.

There are many off-the-shelf SaaS and on-premise solutions that will in most cases satisfy 50-80% of the requirements of a business. It is the responsibility of each business to weigh up whether they are willing to continue using software that falls short of their true requirements or look for a bespoke solution.

If a software solution is or is becoming not fit for purpose then serious consideration should be given to designing software that supports the business model and would allow iterative enhancements to support business growth and/or diversification, plus the use of this software via cloud computing.

Cloud computing falls into three categories - Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS). Cloud computing brings many benefits. In this article, we are looking at SaaS and one of the key benefits of SaaS is accessibility.

Accessibility of a SaaS application

SaaS allows you to access your application from anywhere in the world (where there is a network connection!) and on many different types of device via a browser which makes SaaS much more accessible than a typical on-premise software solution.

One great use case that has been opened up by SaaS is the ability of remote workers to access their business systems when out in the field to check, update information and communicate with their peers and customers.


At Rokk we have designed many bespoke cloud computing solutions that empower field workers such as electrical engineers using a defect management software solution. Another example is a crop management system for agronomists.


We are recognised as a top SaaS Software Company on DesignRush for our bespoke enterprise software services and are happy to talk with you about your unique requirements for your business software.

Key benefits of bespoke software

Some of the benefits bespoke software will bring your business:

  • Software is designed to your exact requirements both functionally and aesthetics meaning personalised on-screen messaging and only functionality that will be used by your business
  • As your business grows the software can scale with you
  • You own the intellectual property (IP) which can be a key benefit for an exit strategy as can add significant value to your business
  • No licence fees as you control which employees/customer have access to the software
  • You control when software is updated so no reactive changes to software updates
  • Security - breaching bespoke software is much more difficult than commonly used commercial packages. Plus you can design the level of security you require within your software

Key considerations for bespoke SaaS

These are some of the elements of using SaaS in your business that must be considered when planning your software project:

  • What other systems will the software be required to integrate with to support your business?
  • Are the other systems also cloud-based or are there also on-premise systems to be integrated with?
  • What functionality is essential as part of the software to ensure it supports its users such as internal teams or clients?
  • What are the key objectives of this software project and what metrics will you use to measure progress and success e.g. reduce process complexity, increase customer retention and satisfaction, reduce costs etc?

Do you have a business requirement for bespoke software?

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