Industry News 04/10/18

04 October 2018

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HSBC and TSB mobile apps failure

There was further payday frustration for banking customers as many workers found themselves unable to log into their HSBC and TSB accounts via their mobile apps. This is the second time this month that TSB customers have been locked out of their accounts, a week after NatWest and parent company Royal Bank of Scotland reported problems with their online services. In April 1.9 million TSB customers were locked out of its online service and banking app after an attempt to migrate customers to a new computer system failed. Prior to this latest disruption, Paul Pester, CEO of TSB resigned following a string of IT mishaps.

Amazon and Snapchat form app partnership

Consumers can now use Snapchat to shop on Amazon, potentially boosting traffic to the Amazon site via the app, which has more than 190 million daily users. Consumers simply scan an image or barcode and take a photo using their mobile. If the item is available on Amazon a card will appear which then allows the user to click through to the product to purchase it. Previously, direct shopping from apps has been slow to catch on because there were too many steps to completion of the purchase cycle. Shopping via social media and mobile will make significant in-roads to driving purchases, particularly among the younger demographic, increasing revenue for both Snapchat and Amazon.

The World Wide Web is at critical tipping point according to Tim Berners-Lee

World Wide Web creator and director Tim Berners-Lee believes the web has reached a crossroads. Over the past few years Berners-Lee has been working with researchers from MIT to develop Solid, an open-source project that aims to give individuals complete control over their data instead of the big tech firms. Solid is built using the existing web and gives users the choice over where data is stored, what people and groups can access it and which apps they use. It will enable users to share data with anyone and allow them to look at the same data in different apps at the same time. Other projects focused on decentralizing the web include: Lucas Dickie’s Changefly and Mozilla’s Dweb.

Security failures of the Conservative Party app

With the Conservative Party conference in full swing last week, Tory chairman Brandon Lewis has repeatedly dodged questions on whether he would resign following a security breach which saw personal data of MPs and party members, such as mobile number and email addresses made available via the party mobile app. Trolls logged into the app which wasn’t password protected, using members’ email addresses. Due to GDPR legislation the massive data breach could now leave the Conservative Party open to fines and an investigation by the Information Commissioner.

Facebook says that no other apps were compromised via its single-sign on, following security breach

Following the breach on September 28th, which compromised 50 million Facebook accounts and saw an additional 40 million users logged out as a precautionary measure, Guy Rosen, vice-president of product management, admitted via a blog that there was no evidence “so far” that hackers had accessed any apps using individual account log-ins. Tinder, Airbnb and Expedia are among the apps that accept Facebook log-ins as an alternative to setting up a new account.