Industry News 06/12/18

06 December 2018

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Apple unveils most downloaded apps from 2018

As the year draws to a close Apple has released its report of the most popular apps, music, movies and games from the past 12 months. YouTube took first place as the most downloaded app, usurping 2017’s most popular application Bitmoji which fell to sixth place. Instagram came in second followed by Snapchat, Messenger and Facebook. While the social networking giants still feature heavily in the top apps chart, the fact that neither Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat took first place seems reflective of the tumultuous year for social media platforms. Fortnite was the most downloaded game from 2018 whilst ‘Self-care’ was crowned the app trend of 2018 owing to the popularity of wellness applications such as Calm and Headspace.

New banking security measures mean online shoppers will need their mobile phones nearby

2018 saw a number of important financial regulations including banks having to publicly declare cyber security incidents and the introduction of the PSD2 to make payments more secure and transparent across the EU, being enforced in the UK by September 2019. As part of the PSD2, UK banks are tightening security with extra verification and now customers making payments over £27 online will be sent a verification text to their mobile confirms to confirm their identity. The extra security is designed to reduce fraud however there has been criticism that this will create hassle for customers without mobile phones or sufficient signal. It may also slow the online transaction process for customers and with retailers banking on Christmas for sales spikes, such verification methods could cause retailers to lose customers.

Vodafone’s Digital, Ready? report finds

Vodafone asks UK business leaders if they feel digital ready in its latest report which explores the impact of digital transformation on business objectives, growth and confidence. Surveying over 2,000 business leaders from companies of varying scale and sizes, the report confirms that digital is front of mind for companies with 79% saying digital transformation is a priority. While many are aware of the positive effect of digital innovation on enhancing customer experience and business productivity, perhaps more interesting is the relationship between confidence and digital readiness. Business confidence for the future more than doubles when digital is prioritised, jumping from 17% to 50%.

Vulnerability in children’s VTech tablet to gain more attention following BBC watchdog report

A BBC watchdog report is calling for VTech, the children’s tech toys manufacturer, to have stronger messaging around an important security update on its InnoTab Max tablets to patch a significant vulnerability. The flaw was first identified in the tablets earlier this year and means that if exploited hackers could access the device webcam and communicate with the child user. While VTech quickly resolved the software flaw it had failed to clearly inform customers about the security incident and the importance of updating the devices. The tablet manufacturer now has a clearer firmware upgrade reminder on its website, telling customers to upgrade the device firmware, “We have been pushing this upgrade out since May this year in order to resolve a security vulnerability but we are aware that not all of our users have applied the upgrade when prompted to do so.”