Industry News 10/12/18

13 December 2018

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TSB systems hit by third technical failure this year

On Wednesday TSB’s online banking suffered further technical issues leaving customers locked out of digital accounts for several hours. This marks the third time this year the bank has experienced some technical outage and it is estimated that TSB has lost near to 17,000 customers for continued online banking issues. In September TSB’s online and mobile banking went down and on this occasion, the bank was carrying out maintenance work which took longer than expected. Earlier this month a Which? survey reported that 56% of TSB customers had experienced technical problems in the past 12 months.

NHS plans to modernise communication modes with new tech means no more fax machines

Fax machines will be outlawed in NHS Trusts by 2020 according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, amidst revelations that the Health service is still reliant upon the outdated and inefficient systems for communication. Research found that near to 9,000 fax machines are still used by Trusts. The directive comes as part of continued efforts to modernise with digital technologies which support greater communication of patient records and provide a better patient experience. As reported by the BBC, many Trusts using fax machines find they hinder work flows and mean important documents are often sent to the wrong recipients, as well as being a risk to the confidentiality of patient data.

Ericsson software failure to blame for O2 network outage

Last week millions of O2 customers suffered a network outage which left smartphone users unable to access data services and caused great disruptions for business customers such as Transport for London. The failure has since been attributed to a software glitch in O2’s third-party software provider, Ericsson. According to the provider an, “expired certificate in the software versions installed with these customers” was to blame for the failure and the glitchy software is now being decommissioned. O2 is offering customers compensation for the data failure and will reportedly issue a multi-million pound fine to Ericsson.

Bugs in Google+ APIs lead to data exposure and an earlier than expected shut down

This week the tech firm announced it will be closing its consumer platform Google+ in 90 days, sooner than expected, following the identification of a second API bug in a software update in November which put around 52.5 million users’ data at risk. In October, Google said it would close Google+ following challenges maintaining the security of Google+ APIs. The company revealed that a bug in first discovered in March 2018 had exposed the data of around 500,000 users. The recent glitch has confirmed the ongoing challenges in securing the APIs and means the platform will cease in April. Google had faced criticism for the delay in exposing the March breach to the public.