Industry News 15/11/18

15 November 2018

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Each week at Rokk we look at some of the news stories from the world of software and app development in the digital marketplace. From technology developments to new market insights and trends that stood out.

Homebase is named worst online retailer by Which? Poll

10,000 consumers cast their vote in the Which? Annual online shops survey, naming Homebase as the worst ecommerce site for the second year running. Consumers want their online shopping experience to be convenient, straightforward and offer excellent customer service with accessible support, yet Homebase’s website fell short of the mark with poor usability and inaccurate stock information. As a result, Homebase received a customer satisfaction and recommendation score of 55%. At the opposite end took first place as best online retailer with a score of 94%. Homebase was joined in the lower ranks by Sports Direct, Dorothy Perkins and B&Q.

More than 50% of digital transformation efforts stalled in 2018

Digital transformation is taking a turn for the pragmatic according to Forrester’s 2019 enterprise predictions. In the report, the analyst house says that “tangible efforts” will become the priority for businesses as idealistic projects proved unsuccessful in 2018, with many underestimating the resources necessary for ambitious customer experience ventures and organisational transformations. For this reason, over 50% of digital transformation efforts came to a halt this year. Next year the CIO will continue to rise as they take on more responsibilities within businesses, bringing technology into line with key objectives such as customer satisfaction. Employee Experience will also take a starring role whilst customer experience performance continues to stagnate. According to Forrester, 20% of companies will give up their strategic customer experience initiatives and return to more traditional methods, such as discount prices, to attract customers.

UK Health Secretary discusses healthcare digitisation at GovTech Summit

The UK Health Secretary discussed the significance of new technologies and digital transformation for world-class patient care in the NHS at the GovTech Summit in Paris, on Monday. The GovTech Summit is part of a series of events for Paris Digital Week, alongside The Internet Governance Forum and New technologies conference. Hancock spoke of the UK’s pioneering work with AI, genomics and life sciences, whilst affirming the importance of partnerships with other nations to strengthen the “healthtech ecosystem”, as reported by The Guardian. The health minister has said, “I’ll scour the world to find technology to improve the NHS”, and indeed the NHS has made tech innovation a cornerstone of its policies with the Digital Mandate and investment in innovation hubs, which encourage new online tools and mobile applications to support healthcare staff and enhance the patient experience. Hancock also said that the tendency to outsource large service providers for entire digital project management in the public sector is too costly, inflexible and must make way for more SME and startups engagement.