Industry News 19/11/18

23 November 2018

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Each week at Rokk we will be looking at the news stories from the world of software and app development in the digital marketplace. From technology developments to new market insights and trends; you can find the news in brief here.

Instagram ‘reduces inauthentic activity’ on app

This week the social media platform announced an update to its anti-fake accounts policy, stating that it would be removing, “inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts using third-party apps” going forward. These accounts generally use third-party apps to increase engagement and popularity, as ones with high volume of followers and interaction garner more attention. While some of these fake accounts are simply seeking popularity, at the opposite end of the spectrum are those who are trying to spread harmful and hateful content which influences others. The drive for authenticity is in line with parent company Facebook who recently removed 36 accounts, 6 pages and 99 Instagram accounts for “coordinated inauthentic behaviour” following an FBI tip.

Halifax online banking experiences outage

Customers attempting to access their Halifax online banking and mobile banking accounts on Monday faced the ‘Error 500’ message, rendering them unable to view transactions or make payments. Frustrated customers soon took to Twitter seeking support from the bank who is yet to provide an explanation for the outage. According to the, who provides real-time updates on issues and outages relating to services, online banking is the most reported problem for Halifax at 62% with payment cards following at 25% and mobile banking at 12%. Halifax is owned by Lloyds Banking Group who announced earlier in the month plans to add 2,000 new jobs as part of its digital transformation.

Google and NearSt use technology to support High street retailers

With bricks-and-mortar retailers looking for new ways to draw shoppers back to the high-street, Google’s latest venture with retail tech start-up, NearSt, is poised to assist with a new search function whereby shoppers can check the inventory of nearby stores online. NearSt’s technology works by connecting to a retailer’s point of sale system in real time to identify stock levels and price information, combining the ease of a live inventory tool which will appeal to digital shoppers with an evident desire to continue shopping locally on the high-street. Around 1/3 of Google searches are linked with location and the number of weekly bricks-and-mortar shoppers has risen in the past three years. The two tech firms will be rolling the technology out to retailers across the UK with a focus on SMEs, helping smaller stores to drive footfall and sales conversions.

Dell and Intel’s Digital Transformation Index find 91% of UK businesses struggling with digital adoption

Surveying over 4,000 business leaders across 40 countries, Dell and Intel’s Digital Transformation Index forms a comprehensive guide to enterprise digital maturity around the globe whilst highlighting the sectors which are struggling to keep pace with evolving customer demands. The index began in 2016 and is updated with the latest research to track digital progress. Currently, 91% of UK businesses face some type of obstacle when adopting new technologies from a lack of in-house skills to insufficient budget and data and cybersecurity concerns. At the same time 71% said that digital transformation is needed across their entire business. While only 5% of UK companies would call themselves Digital Leaders, 22% would consider themselves Digital Adopters, an increase of 10% from 2016.