Industry News 29/10/18

29 October 2018

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Each week at Rokk we will be looking at the news stories from the world of software and app development in the digital marketplace. From technology developments to new market insights and trends; you can find the news in brief here.  

Gartner reveal 2019 CIO Agenda report

In Gartner’s 2019 CIO Agenda: Secure the Foundation for Digital Business, the global analyst firm looks ahead to the key objectives and best practices for successful business transformation. The biggest takeaway from the report is that business digitisation is maturing; moving from experimental

to application-based and 99% of organisations agree that IT is very or extremely important to business model change. As a result, CIOs must focus their attention on three areas: increasing access to customers via digital channels, broadening scope with services for consumers, and increasing business agility to support digital growth and customer engagement. Interestingly, the report highlights where businesses are reshuffling their technology investment in the new year, with 46% of surveyed organisations increasing budget on Business Intelligence or data analytics solutions. By contrast, companies are decreasing investment in customer relationship management solutions by 35%.

Blockchain will be integral in JPMorgan’s digital transformation

JPMorgan is one of many Financial Services firms scrutinising their digital transformation strategy in order to compete in an increasingly crowded industry and stand out with customers. The company recently announced it will be adding new innovative technologies to its digital transformation roadmap including AI and blockchain, budgeting around $10 billion for technology spending- $5 billion of which will go towards fintech investment. This comes following reports that JPMorgan, Royal Bank of Canada and ANZ have added around 75 leading banks from across the globe into its Interbank Information Network (IIN), which is testing the benefits of blockchain technology in making unconventional payments quicker.

Over 80% of business leaders lacking confidence in mobile approach

The latest digital technology is already empowering businesses to grow, strengthen brand loyalty and attract new markets, yet many business leaders are still struggling with their mobile strategy according to a new study from Dropsource. The mobile app developers took a survey of 200 digital leaders from US mid-large size companies, with 84% of those business leaders feeling they are lagging in mobile development when it comes to supporting business goals. 41% also feel that the delay is hindering their ability to compete in the market. According to Ben Saren, CEO of Dropsource, the problem is rooted in a lack of understanding around the significance of mobile applications despite businesses, conversely, saying they are digitally mature. 46% also admitted to having frequently abandoned mobile app projects in the last 48 months, suggesting that businesses do not have the right knowledge and best practices to successfully fulfil these projects.

NHS trials intelligent automation to speed up GP referrals

As part of the NHS Digital Mandate the healthcare provider has been seeking new technologies to enhance the patient and staff experience, and recently East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust trialled a virtual workforce platform alongside its human teams to speed up referral time. Using AI-based software from Thoughtonomy, who specialise in robotic process automation solutions, the platform is able to monitor incoming referrals 24/7 and quickly process the information, extracting key data such as patient test results and compiling this into an accurate document for consultants. For administrative staff the solution means they no longer need to spend hours manually processing, compiling and scanning documents, saving valuable time. The software has reduced GP referral processing time from 20 minutes to five minutes, reflecting the potential for innovative software to make a real difference for hard-pressed NHS staff.