Rokk celebrate new ‘ground-breaking’ software and app deal

19 July 2018

Reading time 2 minutes

Rokk Media are very pleased to announce a major new deal with one of the UK’s largest agri-businesses based in Cambridge. Developing software that will break new ground (no pun intended) in forecasting crop growth and yield, the project will span three years and bring more new jobs to Rokk’s head quarters in Exeter.

Technical Director, Tristan Stone, commented:

“We have been gradually building a reputation for quality software solutions over the past few years in the farming/agronomy and oceanic/fishing sectors. Developing applications to optimise crop production has lots of benefits, not just for the client, but also for the country, so it’s an exciting and valuable area to be working within”.

The new contract comes at a period of strong growth at Rokk Media which has also secured a major fin-tech project with a Greek based company as well as several other notable projects.

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