Why your business should consider building a mobile app

18 August 2015

Reading time 5 minutes

We have all heard about how having a mobile app can be beneficial for a business. However, not a lot has been specifically said about just why modern day businesses should consider investing in the building of a mobile app. To give this some context, let’s look at this from a statistical perspective: according to Juniper Research, there will be over 38.5 billion mobile devices by 2020. With the vast amount of mobile apps already available through iTunes and Google Play, if you don’t have one of these apps then maybe you should consider it?

Here are 6 of the best reasons to help you justify why you should consider getting a mobile app built for your business:

1. Mobile apps allow you to create a direct marketing channel

There are a number of ways in which apps can be of benefit to your business as there are able to offer a number of different functions. One of these such benefits is the fact that they can help you to provide the customer with all the information they need at the touch of a button on their mobile device. Giving the customer a variety of information such as prices, messages, news feeds, general information and so on. Also the clever thing with mobile devices is the fact that they can send push notifications which allow you to have a direct dialogue with your customer and allows you to provide them information about your latest products/services.

2. Mobile apps deliver a faster solution

Speed plays an important role when it comes to retaining visitors in your mobile website. It has become very evident that mobile app’s page load speed is quicker than that of a mobile website, in addition to this, many of the features built within the mobile app are able to be accessed without requiring an internet connection which is a massive advantage. In a vastly competitive market place, whichever business is able to get the information that customers need about products/services quicker ends up winning all the glory and wins the sale.

3. Greater user engagement

If a mobile app is built well and targeted at the right audience & market, it can be extremely useful in increasing the level of engagement with your business. If users are specifically looking to download apps which they are interested in, the likelihood is that they are going to be using the app much more than a mobile website. Furthermore, the users favoured apps are going to be sorted on the main home screen of the mobile device not only offering a great visibility to the app but will also act as a constant reminder to the user which could help to build up the user’s customer loyalty.

4. Mobile transactions

The number of users worldwide making mobile payments is increasing largely due to the rise of Google Wallet and Apple Pay whereby customers are able to make a simple one click purchase. With the ease in which customers can easily purchase products & services through mobile apps, the chances of buyers purchasing on impulse have rocketed which has the potential to lead to a much higher conversion rate more so than on websites or other mediums.

5. Social Sharing

With the continued rise of social media, in particular Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter has led to an increased access on these sites through mobile devices. On mobile apps it is much easier to recommend products/services to your friends than ever before, so you could in essence ‘Like’ a product/service that would appear on your friend’s news feeds. Furthermore, this point is backed up from the fact that 66% of customers head to social media to check out a product/service before they go ahead and buy it which represents a massive influence in buyer behaviour.

6. Receive customer feedback

Having a mobile app will enable you to receive feedback from your customers which will give you insights into their behaviour but also helps you to target customers for future campaigns. This can be easily done through an ‘in-app” survey or be seen through customers reviews in the Google Play or Apple App store. Thus, reducing the need to use customer surveys or manual forms.

Our Thoughts

It is safe to say that there numerous benefits of businesses having mobile apps to reach out to their customers. However, whether or not having a mobile app largely depends on a number of different factors such as the industry the business is in and whether sales are made online. This shows that mobile apps may not necessarily be the right move for every business in the world, however for the vast majority, they do present a number of different opportunities and ROI which can be easily determined.

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