One of the emerging technologies disrupting positively the way societies and businesses operate is the “Internet of Things” or “IoT”.

Your business can benefit through operational efficiency and the real-time data, analytics and intelligence that IoT can provide.

Rokk and the Internet of Things

With IoT application development, we create IoT apps that allow our clients to harness the data the 'smart' sensors send to the app. We are seeing a wide range of business sectors transform through the deployment of connected devices using apps and IoT sensors. The software apps we create are designed and tested with our clients to ensure, for example, remote IoT monitoring or voice commands will operate as designed in real-time.

Your IoT app

We can work with you to design the ideal application software that utilises IoT technology solutions.

This could be a mobile, tablet or desktop-based software solution that uses either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth frequencies, amongst others, to communicate with a database, either local or cloud-based.

Our team of designers will create a user interface that is intuitive and allows the user to easily understand the data visualised in the IoT app.

IoT security

IoT applications are developed using software and therefore require robust security just like any other software solution. The challenges that IoT brings is device management, connectivity - Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Wi-Fi - and data security amongst others. All of these factors would be addressed with you during requirements gathering and project specification.

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