Native iOS app development is one of the core services we offer our clients, we are passionate about mobile and have become experts in combining functionality and world-class design.

Working with a number of brands on a vast range of projects, we are extremely proud to be an iOS development partner for businesses with an award for our best-in-class mobile app design. Whether you are looking to create iOS applications for gaming, business, entertainment or news, whatever your goal we are able to help you develop your idea and get the most from your application.

iOS Devices

Our experienced team based at our offices in the UK have experience in developing apps for a wide range of iOS devices including:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch

iOS Development

Key questions about iOS app development that we can answer with you and for you:

iOS technical overview

iOS coding is typically using a programming language called Objective-C or more recently Apple’s iOS development language – Swift, both of which our development team is significantly experienced in.

There are also options for using a variety of frameworks that allow for cross-platform app development. In many cases we’ll recommend that you avoid using a framework as this doesn’t play to the strengths of the iOS operating system – although this is becoming less so as the tools evolve. Frameworks can save time and money but you’ll often get a much more reliable and robust app if you take a bespoke Objective-C approach to coding. This is why we typically recommend that our clients take a bespoke approach to developing their app.

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