Rokk are specialists in converting raw geographic mapping data in to rich, dynamic user interfaces for business systems.

Location or geographically referenced data can be visualised in dashboards and act as a driver of value by identifying new opportunities, actionable insights and expose hidden relationships.

Whether a manufacturer using real-time geo-data to optimise supply chain information; a retailer exploring customer analytics; a utility company combining data to manage their network or predict network events or marketers planning an advertising campaign. Rokk is your ideal partner to deliver the perfect mapping solution.

With successful solutions delivered in agronomy, marine, petroleum, medical assistance and mineral deposits, Rokk has a particularly wide experience in providing a cartographic look and feel on mobile devices and enabling in-field analysis and interpretation.

Screenshot of Petroleum Economist platform
Screenshot of a map with red circles showing the location of oil fields and oil refineries
Screenshot of a digital map with data points overlayed

Case studies

Case Study

HM Government dept

Marine assessment tool for waters surrounding the UK

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Case Study

Canopy Check

Data solutions for improving crop management

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