At Rokk we want to deliver what you want, when you expect it. We work with our clients to plan their software development project and this includes the project specification.

After consultation with you, we will prepare a detailed project specification stating what will be delivered and the timescales for the software project deliverables.

By working collaboratively with you we can collectively ensure that the delivered software product meet your business requirements and expectations.



In most software project cases, our design team also produce a clickable prototype of the deliverable before development even starts. This allows you to preview what will be delivered and experience the look and feel of the user interface of the software or app.

Specification document

We also offer our clients the option of a functional specification document being created to outline all aspects of the software application and act as a blueprint for the product and describes what your business would be receiving on completion of product development.

Does your business have a Project & product specification challenge? We'd love to hear about it...

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