In short, quality assurance (QA) for software evaluates how well the software meets the needs of the end user/customer. The software must be useful and it is important that not only is the software reliable, useful and easy to use, but that security and privacy best practices are built into the software.

Software design

This is where QA is fundamentally important to any software or website project to ensure that from concept through to live product all of these factors are considered, designed well and built robustly.

At Rokk our QA team are involved with projects from the very beginning as their expertise can help in solution design and collaborate with the development team on reducing the complexity of the code and the risk of errors or bugs appearing.

Software testing


Once QA Engineers understand the software being developed, they can begin to outline the attributes of the software solution that will require testing. At a high level this would be:

  • External quality - How the software performs in real time scenarios
  • Internal quality - The quality of the code written

Types of Quality Assurance Testing

The main types of testing carried by the Rokk QA team are:

  • Static analysis of the software code - Analysing the code against a set of coding rules and best practices
  • Dynamic testing of executable programs, using automated and manual tests
  • Performance testing - determining whether the software has the capacity to scale and remain responsive under a specified workload
  • Security analysis - focusing on the robustness of the software and looking for vulnerabilities that can then be fixed
  • Cross browser testing - browser-based testing on typical device types

We work with our clients to ensure the correct testing is planned and delivered for all software development projects.

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