At Rokk we are proud to offer our clients reliable and cost-effective hosting packages that keep things simple for you and your business. We work with best of breed hosting suppliers such as Microsoft, Flyewheel and Liquid Web to ensure the perfect solution for your project.



Most projects that we build will require a degree of hosting - whether it's for something obvious like a website, or for a database that sits behind a web-based software or mobile application solution. Our priority is always on finding the best type of hosting for your requirements with guaranteed up time and the very latest technology.

We also offer full support and maintenance coverage for websites and web applications we host, which comes in the shape of Rokk Care.

The types of hosting we can provide include:

Shared Hosting

This is the most popular form of web hosting we provide. Shared Hosting means that your site will share a server with other websites, and for most businesses and organisations this is the perfect balance between speed and cost.

Dedicated Hosting

If you anticipate your website to have significant levels of traffic and want to ensure fast speeds for all users, Dedicated Hosting might be the best solution for you. This gives your site its own unique server which will dramatically improve loading times.

Cloud Based Hosting

Cloud-based hosting is an ideal solution for hosting web applications- we typically employ Microsoft’s Azure hosting as our cloud-based solution. All of our solutions are customised on a client by client basis and include the following features:

  • Flexibility - it is easy to scale up and scale out capacity to cater to short-term changes in demand
  • Disaster recovery - it is possible to implement a disaster recovery capability without the need to invest in hardware that is sitting idle for the majority of the time
  • 99.9% Uptime - your application will be hosted on virtual servers and the risk of relying on individual servers is removed
  • Back Up Provision
  • Databases
  • Multiple environments - It is easy to configure multiple environments with varying capacity to cater for your testing needs as well as your production applications.
  • Software currency - underlying operating system and database software updates are applied automatically so you are always using current releases with the latest security patches

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