Everything begins with an idea...

A constant issue for clients who have an idea or requirement is not having access to experienced software engineers or technical consultants to help flesh it out. This is especially true of startups for example.

Rokk can work with you to explore your software or mobile application based idea and discover together if it could be a viable solution or business model.

We use design thinking for the basis of our workshops bringing together our experienced business analysts, technologists and business consultants to work with you to discover a solution to your challenge.

How we can help your business

You may have already completed some market analysis and identified if there is a unique proposition or market share to gain from a potential audience. Don’t worry if you haven’t got that far, it's still important to do this but we can help you understand if your concept is viable to become a mobile application, software-based or website-based solution.

With a wide range of sector experience, we are able to provide insight and examples from different industries and years of solution design, some award-winning, and apply this to your idea and help bring it into reality.

Intellectual property MOT

As part of the discovery workshops the starter IP MOT® service is free, with no obligation to act on the recommendations.

Our legal partners can review every aspect of your business’s IP and IT protection. They then diagnose the best ways to strengthen your position to ensure your business has the protection it needs to avoid breakdowns and reach your destination in one piece.

Workshop process and outcome

The workshops would follow this process:

  • Understand the challenge or opportunity
  • Understand the wants and needs, what would make life easier and more enjoyable
  • Brainstorm various approaches to solve the problem or implement the idea
  • Translate ideas into insights for potential solutions

The outcome of the workshops would be a proposal from us based on at least one of the potential solutions which would then allow you to:

  • Understand the ease/complexity of developing a technological solution that would solve your business challenge or bring your idea to life
  • Wider considerations for you to research and plan for when looking at implementation and onboarding of your user base, and potentially market considerations
  • An idea of the budget and time required to design, develop and test the solution whether it is a mobile application, software-based or website-based solution.

Benefits of our workshops

  • Advice and insights from an experienced team of software designers, business and technical consultants
  • Transform your idea into a viable solution
  • Identify potential user requirements and expectations
  • Reduce project and software development time by clarifying the product vision
  • Save money by avoiding the pitfalls inherent in taking a new idea to market
  • “Stress test” your idea to increase your chances of business success
  • Discover new opportunities with the valuable input of our team

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, I could do one a week! The sessions and team were exemplary and really helped us hone our new business idea into an app solution.

Mike Dart - Founder of an Agritech startup

Workshop sessions

Workshops are typically two x three-hour sessions but we would discuss with you initially your idea or problem you are wishing to solve and recommend how best to structure the sessions.

The first session would be a discovery workshop where we get to know each other, we get an insight into your business and an understanding of the problems and challenges that you face.

The second session, which would typically be held within two weeks of the first, is where we would discuss, explore and refine potential solutions. Any questions would be addressed by all parties and agreement met on the prioritised set of business requirements that form the basis of the solution out of which your new business idea is formed or business challenge is solved.

After the second session, a proposal would be created with our recommendations for a solution, based on the prioritised business requirements, with a roadmap for development, cost estimates, an overview of the ease/complexity of development and any key considerations. This would be a cost estimate as a full specification would still be essential to ensure that the first version of your solution is built to provide the functionality required to make it usable and potentially sellable to its target audience.

The proposal provides you with a business case as to whether to proceed with the solution and secure budget for its development from stakeholders. There is no commitment to work with Rokk with your idea but of course, we hope you will partner with us on your project!

Let's discuss your idea or challenge

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