I was looking to find a developer with the right chemistry as well as expertise, confidence (but not arrogance), an entrepreneurial approach and experience. I found this in Rokk and with Adam Stone at the helm, a great team. In addition to the build, Rokk had the experience to help me take the finished product to market. I can't recommend them more highly.

Founder, myQuestrian (Quest Apps)

As architects, beauty and functionality is very important to us, a philosophy shared by Rokk who worked tirelessly to meet our exacting standards and delivered our bespoke website to a very tight timescale. I cant recommend them highly enough. Thank you.

Paul Gray, Gray + Gray Architects

Rokk, under the skilled, sensitive and forward thinking leadership of Adam Stone and his excellent board of directors is a business on the move. Innovative, creative, hard working and utterly professional best describes the superb team of marketing and account / relationship managers, designers and developers that Rokk has assembled. They work harder than any business I have come across in this field to firstly understand and then meet the needs and aspirations of my company and exceed them with flair, energy and a sense of fun. They ‘go the extra mile’ to come in on budget and on time against almost impossible odds. Their work is second to none. This is a business which I unreservedly recommend. I value them so highly I have asked to explore a partnering relationship with them for further delivery.

Farren Drury MBE, Make It Yours

Their customer service is the best I’ve come across, and the creative and technical solutions delivered for us have been truly superb.

Kelvin Saige, HSBC

From the start we have been impressed with Rokk's vision, professionalism and capabilities; not to mention they've always been up front, punctual in their deliveries/sprints and honest throughout the relationship we have had with them. They have created an intuitive design and a seamless journey for each of our users, whilst developing the Cartotrade brand identity and guidelines for usage. Rokk have a great team and we have always felt that they have been a partner within our business which is why our relationship will continue with them as we continue to innovate our offering and become the UK’s leading automotive remarketing platform. In short, would I recommend Rokk, absolutely.

Gee Pugsley - Director, CarToTrade

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